Flavours, fillings and finishes.

As fruit cakes are no longer as popular as they used to be, our Brides are experimenting with both flavours for their cakes and fillings. It’s difficult to talk about cakes without mentioning the fillings.

Victoria sponge cake with jam and buttercream is always a winner but if you are looking for something a little bit different then how about chocolate orange? A rich moist chocolate cake layered with orange flavoured ganache is a real treat; add a dash of Cointreau or Drambuie to make it extra special.

If you fancy something a little lighter and fresher then luscious lemon cake will tickle your taste buds. Filled with tangy lemon curd and lemon buttercream, it’s great for the summer.

We were recently asked for a toffee flavoured cake, obviously a treat for the sweet toothed amongst us! This had a caramel, made with fresh cream and dark brown sugar, blended with buttercream filling.

The most unusual flavour cake that we have made was a Caribbean fruit cake with dried mango, papaya and pineapple in, it was sumptuously moist and very rich, I think there may have been a splash of rum in there too!

Basically anything goes, it’s your cake and your day so why stick to just one flavour when you can have several? Although you may still want to keep granny happy with a small fruit cake.

When it comes to finishes…. ‘going naked’ seems to be the way forward, but if that’s just a little too simple for you then a skimming of buttercream may add the finish you are looking for.

A slightly thicker coating of buttercream or frosting can be transformed with texture to give a totally different look that is also popular at the moment.

Personally I think a nice crisp edged sugarpasted cake is always pleasing on the eye and you can add a variety of different decorations to create the perfect cake.

Something for everyone here!

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